About HBI Boats

HBI was founded in 1988 to exploit the unique features of mating a hard bottom hull with inflatable tube topsides. From the very beginning, the tubes were removable in the field and could be replaced by the user. Replacement tubes are available for every HBI ever built. All our tubes are manufactured of Hypalon’

Every boat was designed by Hunt Design, originators of the performance deep V hull design. HBI boats are still designed by the same team that created the first high performance hulls.

The inherent benefits of this design as shown below are further enhanced by the high build quality, use of only the finest parts and materials and obsessive customer service supporting the industry leading warranty.

Dry Ride

Dry Ride

HBIs are used extensively in the movie industry because the uniquely dry ride allows expensive cameras to be used without cumbersome protective gear. The engineered placement of tubes on the Hunt-designed hull causes spray to be deflected away from the cockpit resulting in both a dry ride and a cushioned motion as the boat moves through the seas. Owners can confidently ferry passengers in their best clothes without worry of anyone getting wet!

  • Wide stance and tube location making HBI boats stable and dry in any condition.
  • The tube sits out of the water at rest, eliminating the need to use bottom paint on the Hypalon surfaces.
  • The placement of the tube captures and deflects spray as the boat moves through waves.
Field Replaceable Tubes System

Field Replaceable Tubes

Every HBI ever built employs the twin bolt rope system for attaching the tubes to the hull. HBI Hypalon tubes will typically last up to 12 years but in the event of the need to repair or replace the tube, one can easily do so. HBI maintains inventory of tubes for every HBI that has ever been made and can ship tubes worldwide.

User replaceable tube

  • HBI tubes are attached by proprietary twin bolt rope system making field replacement simple
  • Tubes can be removed for storage or transport
  • A wide variety of tube colors is available.
Self Bailing Cockpit

Self Bailing Cockpit

HBIs are all self bailing boats. There is no need for awkward canvas covers or to worry about a bilge pump failing to keep an HBI dry. Our cockpits are fully non-skid with gutters leading to self-bailing scuppers. Any water coming into the boat will simply drain out of the transom.

Hunt designed deep-V hull

  • HBI boats are self-bailing in all conditions, no bilge pump runs after a rain storm
  • The Hull is the principal flotation of an HBI, the Tube is secondary flotation and is the best fender imaginable!
  • The tube acts as a design element but is not necessary to float the boat making our boats inherently safe
  • Sophisticated hull design smooths the ride in rough water and improves handling
First Rate Build Quality

First Rate Build Quality

HBI boats are built in limited numbers employing highly skilled craftsmen using the best of materials. Years of experience and continual improvement coupled with rigorous testing and active research and development make HBI boats among the best built in the world. We work with our suppliers to ensure the materials that go into an HBI, from high grade stainless steel to advanced composites and laminations, are the best and most appropriate for their application.

Finest quality materials

  • Vinylester resins
  • Sophisticated fiberglass laminates
  • Modern coring materials where appropriate
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • LED lighting throughout